iOS 11.3 update issues with my published app. Please help!

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  • Construct 2 and 3 both already export the tag: <preference name="DisallowOverscroll" value="true" />

    I think the problem is some old versions didn't export that tag, and are now able to overscroll. AFAIK, if you republish with the latest Construct version, it will work again since it has that tag.

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  • Thanks for the help here guys! Will try this out on weekend and sdnt out updates to my apps if it works.

  • Update:

    I fixed both the screen scroll issue and copy/look up button issue.

    For some reason my config.xml file did not contain:

    <preference name="DisallowOverscroll" value="true" />

    Adding this back fixed the screen scrolling problem.

    The copy/look up issue was resolved by adding this code to the css in index.html

    * {

    -webkit-user-select: none;


    I have no idea why this issue appeared after updating to iOS 11.3. But if it happens to you, start with these changes.

    Remote previewing seems to have the exact same issue as what you have described on any of the mobile browser in iOS 11.3.1. Is there any lines I can edit with the caproj file? I'm on Steam C2 version though.

  • I am facing the same issue in HTML export for browser games.

    The biggest issue is regarding drag drop games. When the player try to drag something, the whole screen moves with the piece.

    Is there a way to fix it for HTML5 games?

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