How do I use invible layers or it´s a bug?

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  • Hello,i never used a invisible layer with touch options before.

    Layers "invisible layer" and "game layer"

    The invisible layer has the option" initially visible disable" and obviously cannot see invisible layers objects on the screen, but the thing is that they are still detecting my touchs. So, is normal or it´s a bug?

    Because if is normal, i have to use the "initially visible" option on every object, also use an event to set visible each invisible layer object one by one... Thought i just needed to set invisible to the layer.

  • I think it is possible but for something like that you may not want to use Game Mode. Game Mode should be reserved for rules and such, for the game. Perhaps player state would be a better location. Also keep in mind how your game is developed, ie multiplayer game or single player. Certain blueprints like Game Mode, Game State and Player State are replicated so there may be some functions you don't want or need to have replicated to the server or other clients.

    Most actors have a "Is Visible" and "Hidden In Game" boolean default setting so all you need to do is get a reference to the actor you wish to"toggle" then set appropriate boolean.

    Hope this helps! Thanks!


  • All layers and all objects register touch events, regardless of visibility.

    You need to add another condition to your touch events checking if the layer is visible. Another common solution is to move touch events into several event groups, which you can activate/deactivate as needed. For example, if you have a menu on a separate layer, when menu is not visible you deactivate "Menu Controls" group and activate "Player Controls". When you need to display the menu, you activate "Menu Controls" and deactivate "Player Controls".

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  • dop2000 and Dyrasan ... i was using on touch object and if is visible, the object was invisible but still activating the button effect of returning to the main menu. And i got the answer of having a " game state" just like in unity.


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