How do I INVERT a command?

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  • In Construct 2, I would just right click, and choose the invert option. I can't seem to figure this out in C3.

    EXAMPLE: I want to take a command like "Spawn Playershot1 on Layer 1", and invert it, so that it doesn't fire. Or am I going about this wrong? I've been successfully tweaking my controls, but realized that one of my attacks, a jump kick, still allow bullets to be fired.

    Sorry to ask such a simple question, but I just recently imported a rather large project, and am still trying to figure out some small things. I didn't see this in the documentation, though I may have just missed it...

    Thanks in advance!

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  • You can invert conditions, spawn object is an action you can't invert that. Yes you invert in the same way, right-click and invert. If you want to stop the firing, you invert the thing that is causing it to fire on the left of the event sheet, such as a variable being true.

  • Thanks, plinkie! It's been some time since I used Construct, so I didn't remember that at all. Thank you for your time!

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