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  • OK - so I finally managed to create a signing key, build via Phonegap and install a debug.apk for my app and install it on my Android test phone.

    However when I run app the Admob test banners display but the interstitials don't. After every 10 deaths an interstitial is supposed to appear - the code says if interstitial hasn't loaded then carry on as normal, which is what the app does.

    However, the same app when exported and run on my iPhone does display the interstitials. For these ads I'm using the UltimateAds plugin.

    The whole app itself runs a lot slower on my test Android phone - I'm guessing it has a much slower processor than my iPhone - could this be the issue? Anybody else had similar issues or ideas why this happens?

  • *bump*

    Anyone have any idea regarding this?

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  • Anyone have any idea why the interstitials appear on my iPhone but not on my Android phone when they both use the same exported project - One exported for iOS (Cordova) and the other exported for Android (Cordova) and built via Phonegap?

    The test Android interstial ID is the same as the one Google tells us to use (ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/1033173712) here:

    The banner ads on both versions appear fine, just the interstitials on Android are not appearing.

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