Interesting bug I found in my game need help.

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  • So I'm making a management game with plants and stuff. I'm working on the beginning things and I'm trying to create a seed planting system. I got the system to work and all and it works great except for one problem. I can plant the seed the first time properly and it goes down if I click the square again it wont make another seed. which is good. but after I move the day forward and change the animation on the plants sprite the game allows another seed to be planted even though in the script I have it stated to not plant a seed if mouse is over plant. it is basically ignoring that bit of code for some reason. I can not figure it out.

    Here is a link to my unfinished game. To recreate it click to place a seed. press M to advance day and click the same spot to place a seed. The second seed is not suppose to happen.


  • Because the collision box is small for the second animation. Set them all to the bounding box and you should have no problems.

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  • That was it. Thank you.

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