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  • Hi there, i am working on InstantGames project. Everything woked fine: leaderboard, player score, publishin on facebook hosting.

    Now i wanted to implement invite to game on button click. There is special option for this in insant games plugin "share", where you can choose: Intent (Invite/Share/Request/Challenge), image, text and data.

    Sadly when i exported and tested game on messanger there is no pop out and any result of this action on my facebook/messanger.

    I dont know what is the problem, i have added both plugins: facebook and instantGames to my project, tested difrent types of intent, but its still does not work.

    Do you have any idea why this is not working for me?

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  • do you find the way to use the share button?

    i have same problem

  • i found why this error occurs.

    it is because the sprite image that i use not in the same layout with the event.

    place the sprite image on the layout that use the share action. you can hide it on the outside the viewport area. it fix my problem

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