How do I Make an infinite scrolling background with two different images?

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  • Like the title suggests, I am trying to make a background infinite scrolling, but with two different images. It's actually the same image, but flipped around to give it the illusion that it is repeating.

    I have provided a screenshot of the two images I am using as well as the events on the event sheet I have been using to make the background infinite. I Can get the BG working if I use the same exact image, but If I use one that is different, when it should use the second image its just a grey screen.

    I am a newb at this stuff, so I am certain it's something I'm doing, but I've been searching for a solution for this for a while now. I just need to fix this, because this is for a school project and it's one of the last issues with my game. I just need the two Bgs to scroll infinitely as they are placed in the first picture.

    Here are the two BGs

    Here is the events I am using to make a single bg infinite.

    Here is the issue when I try to use the events for the two different BGs.

  • Your issue is not diagnosable with the information you have given. Try uploading a minimal project with only the problem.

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  • You don't want to reset to a fixed position, it needs to be relative.

    Your test needs to be 1.5 times the height, and the jump needs to be 2 times the height.

    If Y >= (1.5 times the height) then Set Y to Self.Y - (2 times the height of the image)

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