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  • Hi All,

    I've been trying to set up a system where I can stop and play a single sound effect from multiple instances of an object in game at different times. I have tried a bunch of different ways but can never get it to work successfully. I think my problem lies in not being able to pick a specific object instance and reference the audio tag that is playing.

    In my most recent attempt, I have an instance variable that measures distance to player.

    If object.variable is less than 500:

    Trigger once: Play sound w tag "object"&object.UID

    If object.variable is more than 500: Stop sound w tag "object"&object.UID

    Even when using only two objects, the stop condition will not function correctly.

    I've tried other methods, picking instances etc. but no luck.

    Is this possible at the moment? I'm using the positional audio 'play at object'. Which tracks the object. Is it possible to pick the audio object that is tracking an object instance some way?


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