how I could increase the volume of the sound of a sound effect???

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  • Hello, I have several sounds in my projects and I have a sound effect when the enemy dies, the problem is that the volume of the sound is far too low by port to the others are that have a correct volume, yet in the audio settings of the sound effect I may increase the sound despite this if I do not turn the volume of my computer to full I do not hear it, and again I hear it but weakly, I do not understand why I hear all the other sounds and music well but not this sound effect?? What could I do to make the sound louder without increasing the volume of my computer? Thank you in advance for your help, I put you the link of my project.

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  • It's right there on the 'play' action where you choose the sound to play. It says volume, where 0db is the default, you can set it to +10db to increase the starting volume of that sound.

  • Thanks for the advice, I want to increase the sound, I increased it where you say, but I find that even the much increased sound remains low compared to the other sounds.

  • You can not amplify sound. The highest value is 0. You can only decrease volume. Either lower the volume on everything else, or edit your sound externally to increase it's volume. is a good sound editing program. Most of your sounds look reasonable, in volume, but you could push a few to even them out.

  • Ha thanks for the advice, okay I'll edit my audio files, I'm on Mac, I have the GarageBand application to change my sounds, thanks for warning me that you can't increase the sound more than 0 I was at 30, I didn't understand why the sound was weak

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