How do I increase game feel?

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  • I've been making games but they all feel kinda flat, I've been looking at ways to do three things in construct. Firstly I want to add some camera shake (I use an object the follows the player with a scroll to behavior). Secondly I want to add coyote time, also know as the ability to jump after falling off a edge (this is to compensate for your reaction time). And thirdly a screen ripple effect when a specific enemy or object is destroyed. I know this is all a lot to ask but maximizing game feel is really important so I hope this could help others in the future.

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  • Hello Crafter. :)

    1. The scrollto behavior has a Shake event you can call

    2. You can achieve this coyote time you speak of by tracking the time spent in the air in an instance variable. Then you can compare that variable to a time window of your choosing. If the variable falls within the time window, you can add a vertical force equal to the objects jump strenght.

    3. You can do that with the Lens2 effect

  • Have a look at these two great videos on youtube: "The art of screenshake" "Juice it or lose it"

    A lot of tips and inspiration in them.

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