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  • Hello there!

    I have a special question about including push notification services into my app. This app isnt created yet but i have to give a feedback if its basically possible (should be) and what effort needs to be done to implement this service.

    I know there are many services out there and the question is, if every service could be implemented. Those App should run on IOS / Andorid later - so the app will be build with cordova. So far so gut but if i would have to implement for excample push notifications with a service from - lets say "" - would this be possible, even when there is no plugin available so far?

    I havent that much experience with including those API's - especially for construct3. But probably there is an expert who has that knowlenge. Or do i have to use a library from cordova / npm - and is it possible to merge those services?

    It would be great if someone could give me a hint - or if we could discuss this topic.

    Thank you very much!

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  • With Enhance, you can implement push notifications with ease.

    Here is a link :

  • This is one of the best plugins I've ever used for Construct, if not the best.

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