How do I include an event sheet within a group?

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  • I have a game event sheet located under Event sheets > Game > GameEvent.

    I also have a player keyboard event sheet located under Event sheets > Player > Input > KeyboardInput.

    Within the game event sheet I have a group called Player which in turn contains a sub-group called Input, e.g GameEvent > Player > Input.

    When I try to insert the KeyboardInput event sheet under the Player > Input sub-group, it remains at the top-most level at the beginning of the event sheet.

    Is possible to insert an event sheet within a group or sub-group, and if so then what am I doing wrong?


  • It's not supported. Includes are always included, you can't do things like use groups or sub-events to conditionally include them.

    You don't need to do that anyway. If you want to disable a whole event sheet, put all its events in a group, and then disable that group.

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  • Okay, this makes sense. The reason I was asking was because in an older Construct 2 video tutorial, this was possible, at least according to the instructions, but I was unable to reproduce it in Construct 3.

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