How do I Improve android cold launch?

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  • So I have been trying out construct 3 for creating some simple games on android. I am using the latest construct 3 build and testing on a Nokia 6.1 running android 9

    I can create debug .apk and open on the phone fine but it seems that no matter what size the game, the load time on a cold-start is always incredibly long, with a 10-15 second blank white screen coming up, which is then followed by the construct logo splash screen for an extra 5 seconds.

    Eventually I created an entirely empty project, with just one black square (sprite) in the center, then exported this as a debug .apk Still, I get the same 15-20 second load time when first running.

    Is this just the construct engine loading and there's nothing I can do about it, or is there some simple box I have missed that could change this? Do I need to export to android studio and optimise from there?

    Thanks for any help,


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