impossible to create a session on construct 3

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  • Hello.

    I am stuck on construct 3 because the game cannot create a session from my co.php file.

    as I enter my identify the game always returns false on layout 2.

    off if I manually run from a web page on chrome a session that I create the page on the browser returns me true.

    out of the game it remains false.

    I am however on the same browser.

    I have the impression that the game considers that they and on a different browser whereas not they run well on chrome.

    here are the screens :

  • In preview, press F12, open Browser console and see if there are any errors there. If the error is related to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), try searching this forum - there are many solutions.

  • Hello again.

    then they find that there is no error on the console.

    I'm stuck

  • Hello.

    I'm still stuck a person would be where it came from. because I have no console errors

  • You need to debug your php scripts, because "false" is returned from the host. Try adding more echo's with different information in them.

  • my php script is correct proof they work fine outside of construct.

    I have been on another forum where they know so.

    they confirmed to me that there was no error in my script.

    the problem really seems to come from construct itself and I wouldn't be able to explain why otherwise I wouldn't be writing to you.

  • I understand that! But "false" is returned by the php script. Which means that either it doesn't receive the data (email/mdp) from Construct, or it processes it differently, or there is some other issue. To find the problem, you need to add debug output to PHP scripts.

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  • for the information mdp mails they receive well because they manage to show me the information.

    I'll try to try a debug output I'll keep you posted.

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