How do I import wav files?

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  • I seem to recall that the procedure in C2 was to turn a WAV into an OGG using an outside converter. Is this still the best way to go, convert it to an OGG and then drag that into C3 which then converts it into the C3 format?

    I used to use something that I had on my PC to convert, can't remember it's name now. Any advice on a good place to convert WAV's to OGG's or whatever I need to do?

  • Take a look at the manual for more information about importing audio files. I usually import 16-bit wav files that are then automatically converted to webm, as mentioned in the manual.

    For a good converter (and all-around excellent editor in general) I use Audacity, which is free.

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  • Ah HA, Audacity, that's what it was called :)

    I have loads of WAV files but they don't convert for some reason. Maybe they're not 16-bit? I'll have a look.

    Thanks for reminding me about Audacity anyway, that's what I was trying to remember. I know that made the whole thing fairly straightforward :)

  • I'm not quite sure why it's not working though. I drag them in correctly, it SAYS it's going to convert them to webm in the dialog, but then they just turn up in my file structure as the original .wav. They preview correctly but don't play using the Audio -> Play. I think I'll have to convert them with Audacity first?

  • Yes. Open them in Audacity and make sure they get exported as 16-bit.

  • Saving them from Audacity as 16-bit PCM still gives me silent 'wav' files in my project. If I save them as ogg they play fine, although they're still 'ogg' files in the project. Is there any preference? Is it fine to just import them as ogg's? Is there a reason why my 16-bit PCM files aren't playing?

  • What version of C3 are you using? A few days ago, someone else was having a similar problem until he updated to the latest version. Also, you might want to upload/share a project file that replicates the problem.

  • It stays up to date manually as far as I can tell. I'm happy enough importing to Audacity, exporting, then importing to C3. Seems a bit fiddly but it doesn't really matter. If it persists with new files, I'll ask again but for now I have my sounds working at least :)

  • convert them to webm in the dialog, but then they just turn up in my file structure as the original .wav.

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