How do I import Toon Boom animated characters to Construct 3?

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    Hi guys. I'm using toon boom for my animation but I don't know how to export them to Construct 3. Can somebody please elaborate the steps by steps? Also, what would you suggest is the best animation tool to use in character design that would be easy to export to Construct 3. Thank you.

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    In Toon Boom, you just need to export your animation out to a sprite sheet. The following link is from Toon Booms manual showing how to do it.

    As for animation tool suggestions, I prefer Krita. It's free and has a TON of functionality. It's actually a digital painting program but has some powerful animation tools built in.

    If you need skeletal animation functionality, I like Spriter.

    how about cracked animation softwares will it be traced and affect monetizing the game?

    If you are using commercial software without paying for it, and that information is brought to light, the company has the right to prosecute you. You may lose everything. If you can't afford the price of the software, don't use it. Look for a free alternative. Again, the first suggestion I gave you is free and open source.

    Check out for good replacements. Most free options won't have all the features of the commercial version but will get you what you need until you can afford the price tag for the paid program.

    I just want to point out that, you are trying to make a COMPUTER PROGRAM which, if you intend to sell, will become part of your income. How would you feel if you found out that your hard work was pirated? Piracy is not a "victimless crime." It is just a crime.

    We don't tolerate discussions about cracking software (ours or others) in our forums.

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