How do I import MULTIPLE CSV sheets (tables) on Google Sheets into ONE CSV object (mult Pages) in C2

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  • Hi,

    I have a Google Sheet document with multiple sheets. After publishing (entire document as .csv) I can currently import the first sheet fine into Rex's CSV plugin using AJAX using the [Load Table from csv string - from AJAX.LastData].

    But to load all the Tables I would assume require the [Load all Tables from JSON string]. I have tried using the CSVtoArray plugin to convert the CSV data into an array which can then be expressed as: Array.AsJSON. But I don't think the CSVtoArray plugin can put multiple CSV tables in the array either.

    I understand that I can split my sheets on Google Sheets and then group them individually or use multiple CSV objects, but it would be very preferable not to.

    So is there a way to import multiple CSV sheets from one Google Sheets document into one CSV object where one could turn the pages. Is there something like allCSVTablestoJSON within Construct 2?

    Thank you for your help.

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