How do I Import a GIF at runtime using FileChooser Object?

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  • Hello there! I want to import a gif, load it on a sprite with the same number of frames as the gif animation. Is it possible? If not, would it still be possible importing a sprites sheet instead? Thanks!

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  • For future reference...

    If you import an animated gif file using the FileChooser Plugin it will only load the fisrt gif frame. Construct doesnt support loading animated gif files at runtime, so, it's not possible. If you need to import an animated gif at runtime you will need to convert the animated gif to a spritesheet first, load the sprite sheet on a sprite object and paste each cell at different frames of another sprite object. This is a workaround and can be achieved using the canvas plugin.

    Solved the issue using this workaround.

    Please close this topic.


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