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  • So i know i can upload sounds into the game file to be used, but for my project I would like to enable to user to add sounds from their device; I've attempted using the file chooser to set a string variable of FileChooser.FileURLAt(0), and using the audio Play by name feature, but it seems it will only load things in your audio or music folders. would there be a way to allow a user to import sounds to be set to different sprites? the end project is a basic MPC, sixteen sprites, all linked to different sounds when you touch them. i can do it no problem with stock sounds, but it would be awesome if users could load their own samples onto the buttons.

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  • The only way it seems possible is via a plugin or recording sounds via users microphone, which could prove interesting for a beatboxing mpc, so i guess ill try to go that route for now,but if anyone has ideas or suggestions itd be much appreciated.

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