How do I implement ladders in a platformer?

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  • Every single existing post on this forum about ladders has nothing but dead links and no images, so they are pretty much useless.

    So, does anyone have any working ladder setup example that they can share?

  • Disclaimer here, I haven't tried this before. But maybe something like:

    Keyboard.IsPressed("up arrow") and Player.IsOverlapping(Ladder)

    => Player.Platform.SetEnabled("disabled")

    => Player.Tween.MoveTo(Ladder.BBoxTop - Player.Height * 0.5)


    => Player.Platform.SetEnabled("enabled")

    Edit: just gave this a whirl and it seems to work, you cant jump off the ladder but maybe you could cancel the tween and reenable the platform behaviour if the left or right arrow key is pressed?

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  • i also would guess that using the same "on up arrow pressed / overlapping ladder" logic you could just make your character actually move up (8-direction) then change to animation_ (your climbing animation)_, then beyond that with the jump off; when "ladder variable" is active/true and space is pressed change animation to jumping animation (maybe change player speed while falling or use physics behavior maybe?) then move in direction you are facing. this is just an alternative to try to help.

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