How to implement the highscores system?

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  • Hi guys, does anyone know how to create the highscores system? The player should tap on a button in the menu and go to another layout where there should be listed the last 10 best scores. I also searched the forum but I did not find anything to do with my case. many thanks in advance.

    P.S. I really like this forum, congratulations to users, always kind and helpful.

  • Hi are you talking about high scores played on a specific device or do you mean an online leaderboard? Local is easy enough, for online high scores people tend to implement Facebook SDK.

  • I'm talking about local highscores

  • Some help?

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  • Some help?

    I havnt done a local high score system but I assume you will need to use a dictionary or array with min 2 columns (names vs score)

    you will have to sort the array by score.

    then when you have a new score ready

    if your new score is greater than the bottom score in the array

    push the new score into the array

    and sort again

    then pop the bottom one

    also every time the array is updated then also save it to local.

    and load from local every time you start the game.

    then use the array text wherever you need to display your high score

  • do you have any tutorials or .capx projects?

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