How do I Implement the GDPR?

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  • I have been trying to find info, I even found a post with many threads, and peoeple screenshooting the app showing stuff that my construct doesn't have XD for example.

    On start of layout, if is Android or IOS? I can't even see those options.

    My concern is, I'm about to finish my game and I don't want to break rules, how do I implement gdpr? is this function built-in construct? or do I have to make some magic? please explain me a bit :)! thanks in advance!


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  • I may be wrong, but I think you can simply configure "Privacy Policy" and "Location to show user consent dialog" settings on the Mobile ADs plugin, and that's it. The dialog will be automatically shown to users from the EU, and if they don't give their consent, they will be served non-personalized ads.

  • Hello

    I'm also very interested in this matter.

    I'm using google analytics to track my game popularity (it is a browser based game for desktop and mobile) and since it is distributed mainly in Europe, I need to have this cookies consent dialog displayed when the user opens the webapp for the first time.

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