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  • Hi

    I'm trying to create a pinball game. I've followed the tutorials available and I've managed to set it up quite easily. However when the flipper is withheld and then hits the ball for some reason to collision takes place and the ball drops of the flipper.

    I've recorded a short video with the problem.

    I see this behaviour happens only when the ball is moving very slow, do I guess it must be some kind of bug.

    Is there any workaround I can try?


  • BTW here are the events I use to control the flipper...

  • Here is the screenshot

    For some reason I cannot upload images...

  • Try to change the 'Position Iterations' in the 'Set stepping iterations' in the physic-behavior of your flipper-sprite and/or your ball-sprite to a bigger value. Maybe that helps.

  • Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't work. I raised the Position Iterations vale from 3 to 20 for both sprites and nothing changed

  • Did you set Bullet=Yes in Physics properties for both the flipper and the ball?

    Also, how do you move the flipper? You should only do it with Physics actions (apply torque, force, impulse etc.), not by directly changing its angle!

  • Hi

    For some reason the forum doesn't let me upload pics so I can share my events here. If I add a link to the pic, the post does not get published

    The logic I use is very simple, the flipper has a 60 degree limited revolute joint. When the flipper is touched, I apply an upward impulse on its edge. Then I every tick I apply a smaller downward impulse to help it go back. That's all. And it works great most of the time.

    Setting the bullet behaviour didn't change the leaking through, but on the flipper it breaks the revolute joint.


  • I'll try again to pass the image link

  • You can post an image if you edit your existing comment. It's a bug on the forum.

    Can you share your project file? Issues with Physics are often difficult to troubleshoot remotely.

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  • Hi

    The project file is available here.


  • Bullet=Yes on the ball should fix it. Check out this file:

    I added "Assets" layout, put all object that you intend to create in runtime there. This way you'll not need to configure their properties with events.

  • Hey that seems to work!!!

    Using the assets layout is a great idea. I was really suffering having to setup the object's physic properties via events

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