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  • My project has more than 1000 sprites (and could get to have another 1000 xd). If I don't use Tinypng it's impossible to compress it in less than 100 megas for Google.

    Can tinypng be used in any way with the Contruct 3 service?

    Thank you very much and sorry for my village English

  • Creating a custom plugin might do it all you have to do is register a request for accessing their API here

    However considering the scalability of their pricing... as Construct is a downloaded by over 200,000 active users and maybe more.... or less.. is not feasible.... unless you have 10,000 dollars laying around.

    But instead of using tinypng's sdk or api and trow 10k away for something that already is out there for free, just not in a simple interface ... and if you want not only to save cash but you understand how plugins work in Construct you can trow an eye at pngquant and try port it into a plugin for Construct that would be basically like tinypng ... however i think easier would be to just squash manually the images using tinypng or pngquant.. then just replace the spritesheet Construct exports and replace it in the zip folder, i mean is just 5 minutes of work.

    I find Construct's Brute image compression and Image Repacking very space saving though... Construct already squashes various alien looking things/images/sounds pretty hard.

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  • You might want to consider resizing them in the sprite editor and then upscale them in your project

  • You should read this tutorial. Here you learn how to optimize your images and what C3 already does while exporting:

  • Then could you use the Construct 3 service to export to Android, first compressing the images with Tinypng, without having to use cocoon or PhoneGap?

    (in construct 2 I do it that way)

  • if I understand correctly tinypng converts png-32/-24 files into png-8 files. The tutorial says:

    Don't import lossy image files (e.g. PNG-8 or JPEG) in to Construct. They are always stored as lossless PNG-32 until you export, at which point it respects what you've set in the Image Format dialog.

    C3 already tries to achieve the best results with lossles compression:

    Next, all PNG images are run through a tool called PNGCrush, which tries lots of different ways to compress the image and picks whichever results in the smallest file size. This often gets an automatic and lossless 10-15% saving on the download size, but can take a long time. If you turn off the image recompression option on export, the PNGCrush step is skipped.

  • It's about replacing the sprite sheets after finishing all the work with constuct. All my games with construct 2 are made like this.

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