identify a player on an ios device w/o email input

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  • Hi,

    I am writing a multiplayer game to run on my own server. Many Apple iOS apps run out of the box nerver asking me for my email or anything. So I would like to achieve this from construct as well.

    I have come across

    There it states :


    The simple solution is to use the iCloud Key-Value Store, where you can store a unique user ID without requiring any kind of authentication or user information such as an email address.

    The end result is a random UUID (nothing that actually IDENTIFIES the user), that is different for each user, but will have the same value for multiple devices registered to the same iTunes account.

    We define a field in our iCloud KV Store, let's call it userID. When the app is launched, we first check the userID. If it's there, then we're all set with our user's unique ID. If not, then this is the first time we're running for this user. We generate a random UUID and store it in the KV Store under userID. That's all there is to it.

    I am wondering whether something like this would be possible from my Construct client?

    (of course the same question arises for Android as well...)

    Any hint will be deeply appreciated



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  • Do you have any success working on your ios mobile multiplayer game? I can't seem to get ios safari to connect to the room!

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