No ideal option for full-screen pixel art game?

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  • So, I am making a 16-bit style game, started using what construct suggests as the best option for pixel art screen on mobile: letterbox integer scale, which meals pixels the aspect of the pixels are never "distorted"

    But since that also means I can only choose one aspect ratio, and if the user's screen has a different one (I'm using 16:9 which was perfect until recently when modern phones got wider) the screen will add annoying black bars on the side, I changed the fullscreen mode to "Inner Scale", which annoyingly changed a lot of positions for objects created with the "system create object" (why this if the viewport size is always the same???)

    So my question is, isn't there another option for having a fullscreen mode, that doesn't show stuff outside the viewport screen, and also does not distort pixels appearance?

    developers who want the game to adjust itself to any mobile phone screen aspect ratio, and using pixel art, are stuck with having a game with its art sometime distorted?

    I appreciate any comment on this;

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  • You just need to make game preferences and allow user to choose his screen size. Use action "Set cancas size" in "System actions". You should just make a few different screen setting, as in AAA-games on PC. For example let player choose 1600x1080, 1920x1080, 2560x1080, and others.

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