How do I... Capturing orientation in C3?

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  • I'm using the event

    System> Every Tick

    Set text> "Beta" & Touch.Beta & "Gamma" & touch.gamma

    to analyze the orientation on my mobile device, which by the way works perfectly with other google play apps with this function.

    But when I try to use the C3 view, or export to debug apk , the Beta and Gamma values are set to 0.

    Do I need to do anything to capture the slope values when creating apk?

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  • I again tested the tilt capture using the post events above on another device with android 6, and it worked perfectly to capture gamma and beta.

    But on the first device I tested, it returns zero for Beta and Gamma, as if there was no accelerometer support. But I can use this feature in other apps in the play store.

    For cases like this, what to do to identify which gadget does not have the game specifications in the APK installation.

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