How I do IAP in construct 3?

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  • Good morning. I can't get IAPs to work in construct 3. I have read the entire manual but can't get it to work. I previously made a non-consumable product in the google play console called "noads" (without quotes). I made a game where I connect to google play and it works fine on android but when I touch a button to buy a non-consumable and I remove the advertisement, nothing appears on the cell phone screen to buy. The application is uploaded to the google play console in internal test mode but it is not yet published. My question is: Does the application need to be published so that I can get the product purchase poster (IAP) or should it appear right? Does IAP work in construct 3? anyone have an example that works?

    I send attached the images of the code that calls the IAP. From already thank you very much!

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