How do I make a HUGE map effectively?

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  • New to all this and loving Construct so far.

    Essentially I want to make a huge playing environment for my top-down rpg-esque idea.

    And by huge I mean walking from town to town huge... in an open world environment.

    Is there a seamless way to do this? I can't imagine a tiled layout of 50,000 x 50,000 is going to be very efficient?

    If possible i'd love to keep it all seamless?

    Thanks for any advice :)

  • I'm currently working on a game which has a very large map, just like you described - millions of tiles, many thousands of objects. Of course, you can't keep all these objects on the layout at all times, even if you disable behaviors and animations, the performance will be terrible.

    What I came up with was storing the objects in JSON object and recreating them in a small area around the player. And destroy objects which are outside of this area.

    One giant tilemap may be ok for performance, but you can also break it into smaller pieces. For example, make each town on a separate tilemap. Or create a grid of tilemaps. Re-create them around the player as needed.

    What I described is definitely not an easy task, took me weeks to do everything right..

  • Wow that sounds like a pretty comprehensive solution... and one that is a little too beyond my current capabilities at present...

    That being said, what size would you consider a large, but resource friendly layout size?

    Presumably I could split my map into a grid and transition between the layouts as the sprite walks beyond the boundaries?

    Would this approach be possible when using multiplayer?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Yeah, splitting the map into multiple layouts may be a much easier solution.

    I don't have much experience with multiplayer, but I'm pretty sure each peer may play on a different layout.

  • I'd start with a smaller scope project if you are still learning construct. It's not just a matter of loafding and unloding tilesheets that you will run into for a massive size game like that. Save the idea of your dream game for later.

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