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  • Problem:Spites values won't update for peer when the host updates the value.

    What my Logic is:

    Peer: On LMB click -> Send Message to host

    Host: On Message From Peer - > Create spite

    update sprite's string to Multiplayer.FromID


    Sprite is created for both the Host and the Peer.

    Host can see the Sprite's new value but Peer can not.


    Sprite is sync'd over the network.

    Sprite's string variable is sync'd over the network.

    Trouble Shooting

    I've created Global Values and tried updating them first then creating the sprite later then adding the string to the sprite but this failed but same results (Host can see new value, Peer can not)


    It is game breaking if I can't have the peers see who "owns" what sprite is created by who.

    I'm not really sure what is going on here as I've done this in other ways where if you hit space bar everything turns out fine with the right values but for this it just seems to refuse to work. Idk Maybe you can help. Hope this was straight forward.

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