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  • Hello,

    ive posted a similar question about this, but i want to make it more concrete. In our game we would have to implement a leader board (basically those values are saved on an extern webpage)

    To transfer the highscore to the webpage i would have to compare, if the score the player made is under the top 10 or 20 etc.

    To send the score it should be encoded via webtoken to avoid that someone can manipulate the values. And therefore i would have the question, if someone knows how to encode values and send it to an url in construct3.

    On the other hand the url (thats the idea from the other agency who hosts those leaderboard and scores) will send a secret to the game at the beginning and i would have to save it locally, then i would have to encode the score, use this secret and send it back to the webpage, with the score as payload.

    It would be awesome, if someone could help me out with this. (encoding values and how to get values or json files into the project, read them and use the values in the game)

    This seems to be a difficould thing....hopefully its not. Thank you very much for every help!

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