How do I do Highscore?

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  • Hey guys.

    I had a perfectly working highscore, i've been using localstorage, it was storing the highscore and even though i closed down the Project and opened it a while later the highscore was sill what it last was, and it was working perfectly fine for weeks, until today,,

    suddenly it says NaN.


    I haven't changed anything.

    why this is happening?

    I don't understad.

    Any ideas guys?

    Please some help.


  • come on guys, any ideas???

    I have two more Projects that has the same highscore setup, one is working the other is not!

    so strange!

    I can't Believe it!

    Is there any chance that the 3 Projects has interrupted each other and somehow causes problems between them, for example the highscore?

    please folks!

    some help!

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  • NaN is usually where you are trying to store the wrong data type, so i.e. trying to store text in a number variable. Look for some quotation marks that are in the wrong place, i.e. set score to "0" instead of 0.

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