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  • I have a Start menu which will have 6 buttons (sprites). And when touched, I change the animation of the sprite to one with a white outline.

    However, my mind is falling apart over how to change back the animation when I click a different button.

    At the moment, I have a boolean 'IsSelected' which toggles when I touch a button. They are all the same sprite, but I just cant figure how to toggle the boolean for that button when another one is touched.

    Thank you,


  • Say, you want to make touched button bigger. You can use a function to deselect other buttons:

    On touched Button
    	Call function DeselectButtons
    	Button set scale to 1.2
    Function DeselectButtons
    	Button set scale to 1.0

    Or you can add button sprite to a family and do this:

    On touched Button
    	ButtonFamily set scale to 1.0
    	Button set scale to 1.2
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  • Oh my god, you're a genius!

    Thank you so much.

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