Hide Mouse SPRITE Pointer?

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  • I'm making an auto hide mouse pointer feature. It works great for the system mouse however when I switch to my sprite mouse pointer it won't work.

    "Set Cursor to None" doesn't seem to work when you have a sprite mouse pointer.

    So I have to first "Set Cursor to Normal", then "Set Cursor to None", however this won't work if done in the same tick. It will work if I put a Wait 0.1 between the actions, but you see it change back to the system mouse which is undesirable. If I set it Wait 0.01 then apparently that is too fast and it won't work.

    So how do I hide the Sprite Mouse pointer?

    I also tried making the sprite visible/invisible - doesn't work, and I tried setting the pointer to an empty sprite, it just put a black square where the mouse is.

  • I found setting mouse cursor from sprite very buggy. So I simply set cursor for none and on every tick move a sprite which I want to act as cursor to (mouse.x, mouse.y) position.

  • Hi,

    indeed, you can check this video on my youtube channel where the mouse cursor is replaced with a sniper rifle scope.




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  • dop2000 bartalluyn thanks, yeah I did the Everytick set spriteXY to mouseXY, its just not as fast as the system mouse so I wanted to avoid doing that.

    to see what I mean, set cursor to Sprite1 AND do the Everytick to Sprite2 and you will see considerable lag.

    but perhaps this is just a Construct limitation.

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