Help - Unable to apply audio effects on multiple sounds.

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  • Hello everyone! I'm currently working on a piece of software that allows users to generate sound effects for their games. I used to use other sound effect generators out there, but none worked quite like I wanted them to work, and I could never quite do what I wanted, so I decided to make my own.

    You can test it here (still on beta):

    Use the password: beta to have access to the tool.

    The way the software works is it starts with a simple sound and you can apply various effects to it. My original idea was to allow the user to make up to 4 sounds in one session, so they could mix them up etc. However unfortunately I ran into an unexpected problem. It seems that the effects are only being applied on the last playing sound (I am using the tags correctly), I don't know why that's happening, and was wondering if someone could give me some lights on this?

    Here's a sample of the tags being used:

    I'm using simple tags, like "0" for sound 1, "1" for sound 2 and so on.

    Unfortunately I cannot provide the project file as it would basically contain all of the code of the nearly finished software.

    Apart from that, I also encountered another problem. I am using the Game Recorder object to record the audio, but it seems that it is having some issue with the mp4a exporter, it doesn't stop the recording (the "name the file" dialog box should appear after recording). Anyone knows what the reason might be? Both .ogg and .webm seem to record fine.

    If anyone could test the software and see if they have encountered these issues, would also be apretiated.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Cheers! :)

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