Help, please, I'm completely blocked, I'm going around in circles with my variables.

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  • Hello, first of all I want to clarify before writing this message, I read and reread several times from top to bottom the manual, I looked on the net, I looked at all the examples I was offered on the forum but despite all this I can't fully understand everything about variables, I understand a little bit but not enough to solve my variable problem, I've been blocking for more than 4 days, I've been going in circles, I'm seriously starting to get desperate, so that I can better understand the variables and be able to solve my problem, I need explanation to enlighten myself, my concern is that I've created a menu with the choice to choose between playing with the keyboard and the mouse, or the gamepad, I know and I have integrated in the event sheet all the controls and I have integrated two global variables with numbers, I give them each variable conditions in the event sheet, variables 1 mouse keyboard, variables 2 gamepad, but I do not see well or in the event sheet I must place the conditions and event, I do a lot of tests, I try a lot of parameters, I'm in total blur despite as I said I read everything several times all the manual, I would be very grateful and I thank in advance for having a help that will be of great help to me, I put you the link of my project so that you see better.

  • In this condition, you have it set so that if Keyboard = 1 AND if Gamepad = 2, then activate both the keyboard and the gamepad group

    You should separate these into 2 conditions

    If keyboard = 1, activate keyboard group


    If gamepad = 2, activate gamepad group

  • Also, your global variables for Keyboard and Gamepad are already set to 1 and 2 in the editor. Change them both to 0, otherwise, when you start your game they're already 1 and 2


    You were close. You need the groups on the main eventsheet. You control them from the menu eventsheet.

    You have to breakup all input invents into separate groups so that you can turn off the ones you don't want and turn on the ones you do.

    I've cleaned up a number of things, and haven't fixed a bunch of others, but this should get you started.

  • Thank you very much to both of you, you have been a great help to me, I will study how you did it. I am very grateful to you.

  • I just tried even if I choose gamepad, the mouse remains active

  • I said, I didn't fix everything. You need to cleanup still.

  • Yeah, I just saw what I need to clean up. Thank you.

  • I cleaned up my project but the smile is still there when I use the gamepad

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  • Thanks to you you gave me my impeccable project and I did a little cleaning and it still doesn't work, there must be a big problem in my settings

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