Help with multiplayer animation?

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  • After lots of tries i did not succeed and did not understand why the peer dont get the message for change animation.

  • Several things:

    1. When you broadcast a message to peers, if you set the FromID to a peer, that particular peer will not receive the message. Think of it like the Peer throwing a message to the host and the Host slingshotting the message to all other peers, but not back to the original peer

    2. When sending a message to the host, leave the "To Peer ID" field empty. Also, when sending/broadcasting a message from the host, leave the "FromID" field empty

    3. Finally, you put the Hero.peerid = Multiplayer.MyID condition, so the Host is only sending information about his own Hero's animation

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  • Also, it looks like you expected the Peer to send his animation to the host whenever his Hero is moving along a path. This won't work because the Peer doesn't know when his Hero character is using the Pathfinding behavior. Only the host knows that, so the "is moving along path" condition is never going to trigger on the Peer's side

  • Hello Noah., first of all i would like to thank you for your reply.

    My English are not good so forgive me if i say im not understand some of your advice's.

    Im trying for a long time to understand how multiplayer works , after more than a year i finally can create a host and a peer.

    As you understand is very difficult for me all that , i read all the manual and i try and understand that i have to left blank the Peer Id when sending massages to the host.

    After a lot attempts i can make the host showing his animations to both devices but peer only show his animations at host device.

    Is there any way to make the "is moving along path" work on peer device?

    Mean , can host send message to peer that the "is moving along path" is active?

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