Help making a higher/lower game for my son

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  • Trying to make a simple higher/ lower game for my son. Example showing him how -3 is lower than +1. I want to have the number on a sprite with multiple animations and then my son is asked to guess the number higher or lower depending on the random number card face down not showing the value. He will get a guess and then it will say higher or lower and then my son will guess one last time. The sprite/animation will then move to a certain location on the layout. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • What have you tried, and what are you stuck on or having problems with?

  • I have been using past posts to get the object with the animations working correctly. Im stuck on picking a random animation (as the card) and having the user take a guess, then the program says correct, higher, or lower and then my son will guess again.

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  • Since the card is "face down" it doesn't even need to have a value. You can store the answer in a variable. On start of layout, set variable to int(random(x,y)). You can create your card or animation based on this "correct answer" variable.

    How do you plan on inputting a guess? Does the user have multiple choices to pick from? Do they enter it in a textbox?

  • To make it easier for my son I want I would like to have it fanned out; example -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 and then have some sort of prompt like pick a number he would touch and then depending on what the random number is say higher, lower, or correct and keep going through all the numbers

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