HELP - Make a Global Variable Persist ?

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  • Hi! I have a simple gave with a Tittle menu Screen where once you play start it will go to the level selection map, but once start on the menu is played, the system loads the last saved map, so it keeps the levels the user unlocked...

    I want to make a hidden secret on the tittle menu, where the player can unlock a secret level, but since the system loads the exact status from the last play time, it wont keep the new global variable changed from 1 to 0 when the user unlocked the secret level...

    Is there a way I can make the system Load the savegame but include the global variable change? Or can I do something else?

    Hope I could make myself clear...

    Thank you

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  • Is there an issue with saving after you unlock the secret level and the global variable has changed?

  • No, but if I save right after I unlock the level and change the variable, it will override the other save with all the player progress! Thats my dillema, cause when the user clicks "start" with loads the saved, and it will load there I had just saved an no progress was currently loaded...

    sorry its a bit confusing... I think I found a way to "fix" this but it is not what I wanted...

  • I don't see why the save game would be no progress if you unlock the secret level as part of the game and then save at that point but if it's fixed then that's good.

  • Because I dont load anything from any save until the player press Start to enter, then it loads what was saved before, but since that load didnt have the unlock level which was just unlocked, it will not unlock it! haha sorry

    I know it my fault and should have made it better... But thanks a lot for trying to help ! I appreciate it.

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