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  • Hi,

    if i have enough experience and click on button i want an object to become visible.

    if i click again button it should make object #2 visible, and so on.

    I dont seem to get it right lol

    how to do it

  • Please share some of the code you've done so far so that we could understand better what you are trying to do?

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  • 1: Mouse | on left button clicked on "button"

    Sprite (player) experience > 50 - Set object visible

    subtract 50 exp from sprite (player)

    2: System | Else

    Sprite (player) experience > 50 - set the second object visible

    subtract 50 from experience

    and etc.

    i want to post picture, but for some reason i cant.

    i want one button only, if click on button it sets one object #1 visible, click that same button again it sets object #2 visible.

  • You can add instance variable called "Number"

    Set different value for each object. Then use these two conditions:

    Object is invisible, Object pick highest/lowest "Number" - set Object visible.

    There are other options where you don't need this additional variable, for example:

    Object is invisible, Object pick nearest to (x,y) - set Object visible

  • I have tried that, its not working

  • Make sure that Is invisible condition is first.

    1)Object is invisible, Object pick lowest "Number"

    Is not the same as

    2)Object pick lowest "Number", Object is invisible

    In second case you pick the Object with lowest "Number" value and after this - you check whether or not it is invisible. In this case it will work only with one object.

  • If i click on "Add event" and i click on my object, there is no option saying "Object is invisible" only "Is visible"

  • I just realized that i should choose "Is visible" then I should right click on it and click "invert"

    omg, thank you so much !!! <3

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