How the heck do I use the Newgroudns plugin?

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  • Hi!

    Sorry fi this is the wrong category, I'm looking for someone who has expereince using the newgrounds plugins for construct 3. When I throw them and give them my app id + AES key I get an error in the console that spits this out:

    Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: window is not defined
     at new SingleGlobalInstance (de03341b-1d7c-4a40-bf1a-b4de7b71a834:15)
     at Function.New (jsutil.js:9)
     at Instance._CreateSdkInstance (instance.js:7)
     at ObjectClass._CreateSingleGlobalInstance (objectClass.js:12)
     at new ObjectClass (objectClass.js:7)
     at Function.New (jsutil.js:9)
     at Function.Create (objectClass.js:7)
     at C3Runtime._LoadDataJson (runtime.js:28)
     at C3Runtime.Init (runtime.js:21)
     at async InitRuntime (fddf06ef-bb92-4c24-af32-0ccb9fa8348d:4)

    any clues what to do?

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  • bumping, still need help. Will post if I find a way to fix this

  • Have you tried disabling worker mode? If you're using the rex plugins that were ported from C2, I believe they are not compatible with web workers, although I don't have any experience with the newgrounds plugins myself.

    If you're looking for help, you might consider specifying which plugin you're using exactly, and show what you did in the event sheet that is related to the error.

  • Hey oosyrag, disabling the worker worked! Thanks :)

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