Having an Issue With C3's Build Settings

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  • Hi all.

    This is my first post and I am pretty new to construct 3. I finally am at the point where I want to release my game and get it on the google play store (Yay). However, I am finding the build options very confusing, to the point it seems more difficult than the entire process of building my game.

    So I am writing here in the hope someone more experienced can help. As this is my first ever app it's a little daunting, but I want to finally get my project completed rather than just sitting on my computer, so I can get a sense of achievement of finally bringing the project to completion.

    I have spent about 8 hours trying to get to the bottom of my problem. Reading and watching youtube videos and gathering information on how to export my game successfully . However, 95% of the info seems to be for construct 2 (which is understandable).

    My goal: is to export my game to Google play store. I have a developers account and all that, as well as an Admob account.

    My issue: is inside construct 3 when I pick export, then select android (cordova) and go through the steps and complete the build. It provides me with either a zip with no XDK file inside. Or if i use construct 3s new build feature it gives me an APK file.

    Where my confusion comes in, is in all the tutorials I have watched they keep saying I need to get an XDK file and bring it into some other program called Intel XDK, than compile it with a call to a third party plugin of cordova-plugin-ads-admob.

    I'm not sure if this step is needed in Construct 3? If i use the APK file built by Construct 3s server will it have the admob plugin working out of the box without having to go into a 3rd party piece of software like intel’s xdk. (if anyone knows it would be a great help.)

    If the construct 3 apk file already has admob integration without the need for the steps mention is there any other vital steps needed before I try to see how I upload it to the google play development console.

    Thanks in advance for any help regarding this issue. I have been a long time lurker, reading posts and thankfully the community here always seems to be helpful, compared to some other game dev forums i visit. Good luck all on your projects.

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  • The Intel XDK was a third-party service to build APKs, and has now shut down. It's not necessary any more in Construct 3 since you can build an APK from the editor now.

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