This has happened twice now?!

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  • Hi All,

    Surely this isn't just me...

    I have my character platform animations working really well. I add some rough scenery and continually test character for jump spacing evaluation (animations working perfectly).

    All of a sudden, having not touched(edited) the character sprite in any way, all animations stop!!!

    The character still moves and jumps, but the animation is stuck in the IDLE position. I would think I was crazy if it hadnt happened to me a few days ago, where I had the same thing happened and spent a couple of hours trying everything.

    I ended up closing the project and creating a new project and coded from scratch - 5 minutes later the animations were working again. Help! I don't want to get deep in coding and layout composition only to this happen again.

    I have noticed the GUI is a lil buggy - another thing that happens is that when ever I add a sprite object, the screen slider bar decides to annoyingly take off until I click the event sheet tab and have to reposition my window.

    Lastly, my scene was starting perfectly with the black building im standing on starting flush with the left extreme boundary on start of layout. Now all of a sudden, there is a giant gap to the left of my character on startup. you can see on the layout that it is flush?

    I hope all these things have a logical explanation that I can be corrected. I would be very glad if it was just user error that I can modify :)

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S I was going to attach my c3p file but it appears I can do everything but :P


  • These are all most likely user errors (saying from experience of similar situations myself). However, no one can help you unless you post your project.

    Upload it to a cloud storage like onedrive etc. and then share it via a link here.

  • P.S I was going to attach my c3p file but it appears I can do everything but :P


    Hi Ronnie, For everything above, GUI going AWOL and others things stopping for no reason, this might be as calminthenight said user errors, coding errors in your project, your keyboard or mouse (if they are wireless, going bananas -- it happened to me so many times), or you are using a BETA version, in truth all BETA construct 3 versions i tested, they tend to brake stuff, either the animation editor crashes or the menus just goes nuts on us ...but if you move to STABLE... you should be fine... believe me the errors u just mentioned above i never encountered them and im playing a lot with C3 both BETA and STABLE, as i said most of times is my devices that i use... or my code... especially if the animation stops middle of action that means your animation is repeating 5-6 times, but is not looping... so in Construct there is speed animation loop and repeat... you will be thinking but what is the difference between them well... if you click loop, and is a loopable animation like walking ... it will never stop. if its repeating ... it will "loop" for about 5-6 times or number you inserted and then never play again.

    as for the file... you just need to upload a example of what you normally do as action repeatably before in brakes... like sprite jumping and playing certain animation... we don't need the entire project ... especially if you working from a long time ago on it, but make sure you double check the stuff i said above... devices/beta versions/code.

    but if you manage to replicate the errors and you are sure is not your code or device... i would submit the files you replicate as a bug report, make sure to mention the C3 version you are using.

  • Hi George and Calm,

    Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to respond - very kind of you both :)

    Addressing some of your comments...

    Yes, definitely, as I'm relatively new to construct, it could be something very simple plaguing my experience.

    I don't think it is a browser issue, as I have tried on 3 different browsers with latest respective stable releases.

    My keyboard and mouse is wired and high-end razor devices.

    The Construct 3 version, I'm using is V234.4 stable

    I have included a link to 2 projects:

    The one named; GAIJIN_ANIMATION_NOTWORKING is the project I was using when the animation broke. I change nothing with the event sheet and was testing the run, jump idle animations many many many times - with everytime it working perfectly until..... it didn't lol

    As I had a similar problem before, I quickly coded a brand new project from scratch called; GAIJIN_SIMPLE_WORKING and again, it works perfectly.

    I don't mind hitting obstacles and I can usually sit in front of a problem for hours - it's cool when finally working it out. What makes this less enjoyable, is that I don't know what is happening, I'm sure there is a reason for it, but it appears random / intermittent. I would hate being deep into the game and for it to break again.

    Any suggestions would be awesome - thanks :)



  • You don't have the event sheet assigned to the Layout :)

  • haha awesome! fixed. thank you soooo much! im glad it was something silly on my part - won't let that happen again. Thanks calm :)

    could i possibly ask if you had any suggestion with regard to how best deal with character selection. I did a post on it the other day and even tried to get a programmer on fiverr to help,but no one could specifically tell me how to code it.

    the game will be a present for my son. it is based on his recent trip to japan with 5 of his mates. each level will depict some activities they got up to and will be a chronological journey following their itinerary.

    At the start of the game, I want the player to choose which character they want to play with. i.e animation of my son, Kalem, or one of his 5 mates. Of course, once they select the character; that player animation will be needed throughout the game, which will include destroying and creating objects.

    I have done the movement controls for Kalem and in reality, any of the 6 characters can use the same action coding. Just in trying to see how this might work, I created movement controls for a different character called Ben - the animation will be redrawn to look like him, but for the meantime, i stuck a blue circle on his head for all his animations, to differentiate between his and Kalem's animations.

    All 6 characters will have the same naming conventions for their animations i.e IDLE, JUMP, RUN etc, so a family could be used in some cases. I couldnt get my head around whether using a global variable or an array might solve the problem, but at present feel a bit out of my depth with regard to understanding what features / functions may address this or whether i need to do some java and bridge it to construct - all of which i know very little about? :)

    Having made a construct 2 game about 5 years ago (and forgotten most of the things i taught myself lol ) im confident once i get passed this selection issue, the bulk of the game build will be within my limitations as a noob game maker.

    In summary, I need to have the player select 1 of 6 characters. that choice needs to be retrieved multiple times throughout the game and used for the whole rest of the game, so as to trigger the correct animation for the character picked. I hope this makes sense? :)

    regards.... again,

    ronnie (sydney,AUS)

  • I'd add all of the character objects to a family and then add all your behaviours to the family instead. All your code for the player would have to be moved to the family.

    Then use a global variable for the pick menu and set it to a number, dependant on which character is picked.

    At the start of your levels (layouts) create the character based on which variable is picked.

    Alternatively you could move all of your different character animations to the one object and use conditions to pick which is active.

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  • thx again calm - you offered great suggestions. i have tried copying the sprites to a family (you may see it defined in the project)

    i am struggling how to pass the character selection on to each bit of code for the rest of the game

    eg. if player selects the character, BEN, then i don't know the syntax how to reference the specific animations for BEN from the family. My basic understanding is that the convenience of the family is that any command can be performed by any of the family members. i dont know how i can access the BEN animations for the rest of the game.

    I was looking for a way for instance where in my code i currently have; BEN(sprite) set animation to IDLE,

    to instead have VARIABLE set animation to IDLE. this means whatever selection populated and set the variable at the start will always be able to be retrieved.

    I know how to set global variables, but are you able to please show me how to reference pulling it in my action code?

    kind regards,


  • I'm not sure you got the right idea from what I said before.

    Let me make you a little demo to explain it. I'll post it here soon

  • oh sorry calm - yeah maybe i didnt quite understand. sorry and thank you very much.

  • I was looking for a way for instance where in my code i currently have; BEN(sprite) set animation to IDLE,

    to instead have VARIABLE set animation to IDLE. this means whatever selection populated and set the variable at the start will always be able to be retrieved.

    I know how to set global variables, but are you able to please show me how to reference pulling it in my action code?

    there are 2 ways ... and i prefer the global variable as is more compact... and streamlined...

    the other one just duplicates events, and from 50 events for character animation/movement your might end up with a cluster of 1000 or more... depending on how many characters you have in selection menu.

    sure there is the array way, the json way etc... but to keep it simple... 1 global variable + 1 sprite with multiple animations is my solution...or choice...

    now personally i know it might be counter intuitive if you have 10 character sprites... and they look different, id just have 1 sprite with 100 animations or how many animations 1 character needs

    and just rename the animations based on character value selection, like lets say ben is nr 1 ... considering everything in construct starts from zero 1 would actually be sort of object nr 2 doesn't make any sense in this mention since i would rename the animations like






    and just change the numbers... now when you select the animation to play just set on your keyboards eevents

    on left (trigger once) pressed character set animation to "walk_"&characterSelection (global variable)

    etc ...

    this way you eliminate having 100 sprites for each character selection... you sort of streamline the character being 1 object, and reduce the number of events/behaviors/actions to 1 sprite instead of 100 which is going to be events N*100 characters in duplication code... they will work... either way... just long run project is going to be insane to go back and make a change to each character you have in selection screen, especially once your projects comes close to release product.

    Edited: on the other hand... you can diminish the character animations by using spriter or spline animations... use the global variable... and assemble your characters from parts and reuse the same animation on all of them, as at this point animations are skeletal based and not frame dependent.

    but if you have 1 character design and you just change the color of them... like red mario purple mario green mario... i would just HUE effect and keep 1 sprite.

  • Have a look at this:!AkmrWgxeuxlKhIdfX0KZEh6ISeyynw

    You can add as many characters as you like, I just used two for the demo.

  • wow calm - that is incredibly kind of you to do so much for me - i appreciate your generosity so much. thank you. i will habe to re-read a few times lol but yes, i do get the idea of the different options. i will take a look at your example, but need to head to bed soon as need to get up in 7 hours :)

    there will be a massive amount of animation frames. there will be a IDLE, RUN, JUMP, ATTACK, SHOOT, CLIMB, SIGNATURE MOVE, CELEBRATION, DEATH, SQUAT plus a few more probably. The game is mainly about the characters. my son loves art and is designing each character to look exactly like each mate. each of the animations will ultimately have anything from 8 to 30 frames. sooooo that's 80 to 300 frames of animation for each character.

    the characters won't be just different colour as with ur mario example, but instead will have custom clothes, mannerisms and signature moves etc.

    i will re-read your notes a few times and check out the link you sent. i have a mate at work who is very cluely with programming, although hasnt used construct before. between the two of us reading your notes, hopefully tomorrow at lunch we can have some success. thank you so much ! regards, ronnie :)

  • yes! it looks great!!!! why does it looks so simple after seeing it lol. it would just appear that every time i need to create a character object (after death or new level) on that event sheet, I would need to include the charselect=1 then create...etc and do that for charselect=2, 3, 4 ,5 and 6?

    this seems very doable :) :) im soooo happy. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you want you can create a separate event sheet and 'include' it in all your others. You could call this event sheet "spawn" or something similar and in it have the event:

    At start of layout

    sub: Char Select = 1 - create object "Character 1" at XY

    sub: Char Select = 2 - create object "Character 2" at XY



    Family "Characters" On destroyed - restart layout



    This would handle your respawning, provided that you want to restart the level when you die.

    If you didn't want to restart the level from the start, say you had a checkpoint, you just redefine where you want to start:

    Family "Characters" On destroyed

    sub: Char Select = 1 - create object "Character 1" at checkpoint.XY

    sub: Char Select = 2 - create object "Character 2" at checkpoint.XY

    Best of luck

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