Hadn't accessed program I'm working on since nov 26 Now it won't load

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  • I keep running into this problem as construct 3 is updated and I lose my tab to construct 3. My most recent save to the browser won't load. Just says "failed to load". Usually it loads from the project load menu but this time that doesn't work. I'm sure I was last using 120 stable (never used newer less stable versions). How do I reload a saved project from the browser?

  • Have you tried opening it from r120? You can run r120 using this link:


  • Yes. It's all I've been using is r120. edit: Also when I try to see my list of saves on my browser saves it says it failed to load also so I have lost access to saves for approximately 10 games I've been working on over the last few months.

  • jeddakus your using browser saves for this right? We do advise that you don't use these for permanent storage, they can be deleted by clearing your browsing cache. But let's see if we can recover these projects.

    Are you attempting to load these through recent projects or the file dialog?

    If they are appearing in the file dialog attempt to download them ( not open, right click download ).

    EDIT - sorry I didn't see your last message about it failing to load, could you check the browser console for any messages?

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  • No messages from my browser. I had never seen any warnings about browser saves. I think several months of saves are gone. Nothing has changed with my chrome browser. Very disappointing.

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