How to group parts in a plane so they stick when plane looping around.

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  • Hi

    Please someone I can't figure out how my 6 parts (pircutred sprites) of a plane will stick glued in the same position. They should not rotate at all when the plane is looping around. it is important that there is parts because they can be shoot loose. I tryed containers, joints and to just group them somehow I only still got the demo version of construct 3

    Kind regards

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  • You can simply use Pin behavior to attach all parts to the main plane sprite.

    But, if you are using Physics, pin will not work correctly. You can try joints, or enable Physics only for the main plane sprite, and not for its parts. This way you will still be able to pin them to the plane.

    Container is used to "logically" connect a group of objects. The plane and all its parts can be in the same container, but you'll still need to pin them together.

  • Thank you sir! Easier than I thought :)

    The wheels will need to be physics or at least solid. They are attached now with joints. Is it possible to bounce with only solids as wheels and elasticity as physics on something else. I solved it with joints on the wheels but they are allways hanging down :( can you somehow make them go up in up direction when flipping the plane around.

    And what about flipping a part that flips in the wrong direction you know anything about that?

    Kind regards

  • It's hard to help you without seeing your project. You can apply force to wheels when the plane is upside down, I guess, but it will also drag the plane up. Or use two joints (to form a triangle) to make rigid connection.

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