I have great needs of your opinions to have if I use the family behavior or not with the enemies.

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  • Hello, I would like the maximum of opinion, I deserve to create for the enemies a family group, I want to attribute to all enemies the behavior patchfinder and line of sight, but considering that I want each type of enemies to his own behavior, its own speed of attack and displacement, I think that the family group enemy is not useful, you think that you still need to create a family group or not? Thank you in advance for your advice.

  • It's useful if you are still applying some of the behaviour conditions to all members of the family. For example if you have enemy A, enemy B, enemy C, enemy D all who will move towards the player when they have line of sight of the player, you do not need to say individually enemy A LOS of player, enemy B LOS of player, but you can say enemy family LOS of player. It's up to you to decide if grouping behaviour for all enemies will minimize some code. I can't see anything wrong with applying enemy family behaviours because at least then you do not have to add behaviour to individual objects, they will all adopt the behaviour, then you can set the values separately for each object if you need.

  • Thanks for the advice, however I can't assign patchfinding to the family group since I want each type of enemy to have its own speed of movement and attack?

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  • You can assign behaviour to family group then say on enemy A created, set speed to this, then on enemy B created, set speed to this. So you have different speeds but can keep general logic such as 'all enemies(family) path toward player when they have LOS'.

  • Thank you very much for your advice that I will follow

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