How do I use graphic effects on mobile?

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  • I would like to ask you how can I use graphic effect on sprite (for ex. multiply, overlay etc...) when I want to export project to mobile (android).

    I have got a project with 1280/960 resolution and there is one object with effect multiply (or other it is not important for this thing). I am using runtime Construct 2 (I need it because I am using MoveTo plugin) and when I will export it on mobile there is huge FPS drop due to that graphic effect. With one object with that effect there is drop from 60 FPS to approx 40 FPS. I know that these effects are not good for mobile but really there is no way to use it? For example I would like to use it like color filter on whole screen (with multiply) so for coloring everything a little bit.

    Sorry for my bad English but I hope it is enough understandable, I would really like to use it.

  • Good guy chadorireborn has ported MoveTo addon for C3 runtime:

    But you are right, some effects can be very slow on mobile, even in C3 runtime. If you have many instances or objects with the same effect it's better to put them all on the same layer and apply effect to the layer.

    In my game I added an event that disables effect when FPS drops below certain number...

  • Thanks for reply, great guy but Rex RotateTo seems not ported :( I am using these two.

    Back to that effects. I read this:

    "the color blends (like multiply and screen) being the easiest for the GPU to process"

    so I really would like to use only few objects (with animation) with for example overlay and I already tried that thing with special layer and graphic effect set to that layer instead of objects, but there is still low FPS. I think setting effect to layer is not solution, it seems that fps drop depends on something else, but I dunno exactly.

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