How do I use graphic effect in mobile game (low fps)?

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  • I really would like to know if is it impossible or is there any trick for good performance of using graphic effect/additive blend mode.

    Let me tell you my example/situation. I am making game with one bigger level (platformer) there are many graphic assets and multiple layers and performance is ok on mobile 60 FPS and low use of CPU so whole project is well optimized even on older mobiles.

    But when I add for example this "light" (img below) and use on it blend mode Additive to make colored glow there is huge fps drop on mobile devices. I tested two similar lights on same mobile and it was running at 30 FPS just because of that so I cannot use Additive and other graphic effect (Overlay etc).

    I know these effects are hard for mobile devices because they modify other graphic but is it really impossible to use it at any mobile game or is there any trick/suggestion how to deal with them?

    Thanks a lot for any tips.

  • Please anyone any tips how to deal with it at mobile devices? Is there any way how to use effects/additive blend mode or is it impossible at mobile?

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  • I don't have any trouble using blend effects on mobile. It is possible the phone you are testing on has outdated graphics drivers.

  • Thank you for answer I will try to look at it.

    By the way is there any project settings in C3 that can affect it?

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