Google Play Leaderboards doesn't have any scores

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  • Hi

    I have an app that utilizes Google Play leaderboards. The problem is no scores are shown and when I check the console, game services it says that no scores were submitted - the leaderboard is empty.

    In Construct the On score submit success does trigger so that part seems to be working, but still no scores.

    I checked and made sure my profile on Google Play is public. I tried submitting from 3 different profiles. I tried changing from public to private in the Request hi-scores action in Construct. I tried disabling tamper protection in Google Play and removing decimals. The leaderboards are published but the app itself is on alpha track. All 3 profiles from which I tried are on the app tester list and have also been manually added to the leaderbords testing.

    Does anyone have any ideas why the leaderboards are still empty?

    Thank you


  • Same problem for me I did the events correctly. I published my game on internal test, I downloadedy game from the play store but the score some time submit but sometimes don't submit my problem is I don't know how to request and set the score to HighScore variable I think the problem is with the plug-in scirra don't care about mobile Developers they are only focused on PC apps.

  • Any progress on this?

    Spela I'm having the same issue

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  • Turn off temper protection

    Turn off anti piracy

    Set leaderboard to largest first

    You should publish the game on play store and after download it from play store to test you don't need to wait for play store to publish it after uploading the game on play store play store will put some codes on your apk download the apk and it will work

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