How do I make the Google play leaderboard work (Android) ?

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  • Hi,

    I did everything I needed to do but my scores are not sent to the leaderboard of the Google play service of my application.

    *I put my app ID in the Construct 3 Google play plugin.

    *I added the ID of my leaderboard created in the Google play service of my app when I submit a score in construct 3.

    *I published the service Google play for my game.

    *I have no error messages and even the score submission is considered a success with trigger.

    But nothing is displayed in my leaderboard. It remains blank. I don't know what to do. I have the impression that the plugin is broken. Maybe it's the "tamper protection " but I only did test from Google Play so I don't think that the problem.

    Please help me !

  • OK the problem was the configuration of my self Google play account

  • What was the issue?

    I'm doing this as well but I can't even get it to login onto Google Play in my game. The google play logo animation comes on and just disappears with an error.

  • I faced a similar issue, then I created new credentials in the cloud console and added sh1 from my signing key.

    then selected this credential in the google play games console. and it worked.

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  • Hey can someone update this matter?

    I have also set up everything right, I was able to submit a highscore just once, now it wont go anymore...

    I have also check the "on score submission sucess" and it triggers fine, showing it sent the score, but still the learboard is either blank or doesnt change score...

    I have disable "anti piracy" setting to make sure I can test the app without downloading direct from play store. This is a signed release apk...

    TILK what was wrong?

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